Human trafficking and forced labour - Training of Trainers

The training is part of a broader ILO initiative to build the capacity of Tajik officials to prevent and prosecute human trafficking in the context of labour migration from Tajikistan. The overall objective of these capacity building measures is to improve investigation and prosecution of alleged trafficking cases as well as to ensure identification, protection and rehabilitation of the victims of trafficking and forced labor, in accordance with internationally accepted principles.

The Republic of Tajikistan has ratified all key ILO Conventions aimed at combating trafficking in persons, such as ILO Convention on Forced Labor (#29), Convention on Abolishment of Forced Labor (#105), ILO Convention on the worst forms of child labor (#182), ILO Convention on migrant workers (#97) and Convention on migrant workers (#143). Tajikistan is also Party to the UN Palermo Protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in human beings, especially women and children. The Government of Tajikistan is making significant efforts to comply with these internationally binding standards; however, there are still gaps in national legislation. The number of prosecuted cases and convicted traffickers is very low.