ILO/ACFTU Workshop on Labour standards and fight against forced labour at workplace

The workshop will address the role of trade unions in the prevention and eradication of forced labour. The whole training will be based on the principles and provisions of ILO labour standards esp. Conventions No.29 and No.105. The seminar will include 40 trade unionists from the local affiliations of the ACFTU, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, a mass organization of the working class formed voluntarily by the Chinese workers and staff members.

Context of the training

The Chinese Government has entered into cooperation with SAP-FL to promote the ratification of Forced Labour Conventions in China. An awareness raising campaign covering all provinces of China has been opened and a Task Force has been composed of the senior officials of central government and the representatives of the workers’ and employers’ organizations, following the decision made by the seminar organized at national level in February 2007 in Zhang Jiajie.
Objectives of the training

• The seminars will aim to improve Chinese trade unionists’ understanding of ILO Forced Labour Conventions and to ensure that workers are aware of their rights and forced labour and trafficking practices.
• The seminar will share the results of research done in the area of forced labour and trafficking by both ILO and various authorities of Chinese government, and thereby identify the possible forms of forced labour occurring in China, “high risk” economic sectors embedding forced labour and trafficking.
• The seminar will aim to help Chinese unionists to enhance their capacity in identifying and assisting in victims of forced labour and trafficking.
• The seminar will aim to help Chinese unionists to determine the actions to be taken in combating forced labour and trafficking.