Publications on fair recruitment


  1. Private employment agencies in South Africa

    03 December 2013

    Presents findings about the work of private employment agencies in South Africa, focusing on empirical and statistical aspects. Covers temporary agency work and recruitment and placement of individuals in permanent or temporary jobs. It highlights data shortcomings and suggests improvements.

  2. Private employment agencies in the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden

    03 December 2013

    This paper, written by Gijsbert van Liemt, discusses the development of private employment agencies in the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden, focusing on the period from the mid-1990s to 2013, highlighting some of the main issues of concern to the agency industry.

  3. Code of Ethical Conduct for Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies/ Licensees

    30 November 2013

    This Code of Ethical Conduct (CoEC) was prepared by a Sub-Committee appointed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare (MFEPW) with a view to regulate the industry.

  4. Tricked and Trapped: Human Trafficking in the Middle East

    09 April 2013

    This study sheds light on the situation of trafficked adult workers in the Middle East, both women and men. It analyses the complex processes by which vulnerable migrant workers are tricked and trapped into forced labour in various types of work in the region, and the constraints that prevent them from leaving.


  1. Private employment agencies in Morocco

    09 February 2012

    Research paper on private employment agencies and temporary agency work in a country having ratified the Private Employment Agencies Convention, 1997 (No. 181), prepared for an ILO meeting on Private employment agencies in private services sectors, 18–19 October 2011.