Publications on fair recruitment

Publications on Fair recruitment

  1. Recruitment agency business practices and role of intermediaries in the foreign employment industry in Pakistan

    24 September 2020

    This study employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies for the profiling of recruitment intermediaries, understanding their business practices and developing a set of recommendations for effective management.

  2. Fair Recruitment Initiative Newsletter - Edition September 2020

    23 September 2020

  3. Policy Brief: Improving recruitment agency business practices in Sri Lanka

    18 September 2020

    This Policy Brief provides suggestions for Licensed Foreign Employment Agents (LFEAs), the SLFBFE and other stakeholders in the recruitment industry on improving business practices in the recruitment of workers for foreign employment and reducing and eventually shifting costs away from workers. This policy brief complements the full research report, ILO (2020) Improving recruitment agency business practices in Sri Lanka.

  4. Promoting fair recruitment and employment: A guidance tool for hotels in Qatar

    17 September 2020

    This Guidance Tool has been developed as a resource to promote fair recruitment and employment standards in the hospitality sector in Qatar. It aims to support hotel companies in Qatar to respond to labour rights challenges by implementing appropriate policies and exercising thorough and ongoing human and labour rights due diligence.

  5. Flyer - 2020 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration

    14 September 2020

  6. Reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment: An ILO toolkit for journalists in Pakistan

    31 August 2020

    This toolkit was created to help journalists in Pakistan report on fair recruitment and forced labour.

  7. Global launch virtual event: Reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment: An ILO toolkit for journalists - Agenda

    29 July 2020

  8. Reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment: An ILO toolkit for journalist

    27 July 2020

    This toolkit provides information and advice to media professionals on how to report accurately and effectively on forced labour and fair recruitment. The toolkit includes the Media-friendly glossary on migration.

  9. Women migrant workers’ labour market situation in West Africa

    21 July 2020

    This report provides an overview of the situation of women migrant workers in West Africa based on a review of laws, regulations, policies and exisiting data, with a special focus on Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria. It includes data on women migrant workers' working conditions and wages, sectors of employment, representation in the informal economy and other labour and social protection issues. The report was carried out with financial support from the "Support to Free Movement of Persons and Migration in West Africa" project (FMM) funded by the EU and ECOWAS.

  10. Malaysia: Review of admission and recruitment practices of Indonesian workers in the plantation and domestic work sectors and related recommendations

    02 July 2020

    Indonesian workers have provided the bulk of the workforce for the plantation and the domestic work sectors in Malaysia, thereby making a significant contribution to the Malaysian economy over the years. This study on the admission and recruitment procedures and practices for Indonesian workers in the two sectors notes that there have been positive legal and regulatory developments on labour migration in Malaysia and Indonesia. It also highlights continuing challenges for migration governance and worker protection. In response, the study makes several recommendations to governments of both Malaysia and Indonesia.