Media-friendly glossary on migration: Fair recruitment and forced labour- Uganda Edition

The Glossary is part of the International Labour Organization (ILO) series of media-friendly glossaries on migration. It is intended to guide media practitioners on use of appropriate terminologies when writing/reporting about labour migration.

Within the framework of the FAIRWAY programme, ILO facilitated the development of the Media-friendly glossary on migration, Fair recruitment and forced labour- Uganda Edition. The glossary was developed through a multi stakeholder consultative process that involved ILO’s social partners, media practitioners, relevant UN agencies and civil society organizations (CSOs). It draws from the Media-Friendly Glossary on Migration – Middle East Edition developed by the ILO and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC).

The glossary lists common terminologies concerning labour migration, forced labour and fair recruitment. Some of these terminologies are legally defined in international instruments while others are listed in the Ugandan laws and regulations. It also includes local terms and slangs commonly used in Uganda in the context of labour migration.

The glossary is intended to guide and help media practitioners engaged more effectively in labour migration governance by reporting accurately using appropriate terminologies when reporting on issues of labour migration, to avoid confusion or misunderstandings among their audience.