Publications on informal economy

  1. International Migration Papers No. 92

    Migrants and informal Work in Hungary

    08 May 2008

    This report on Hungary examines the situation of irregular employment of migrants, its terms and conditions of work, its evolution, its causes and the policies needed to eliminate such a situation. The premise is that irregular employment is detrimental to national economies, to native and migrants workers in regular employment as well as to those workers involved in it. The study prepared by Judit Juhász adopts a Delphi method, which is amply explained in the paper. Suffice to say, it is about the considered perceptions of a problem by a number of experts, and the author's examination of these perceptions.

  2. International Migration Papers No. 91

    Legal prohibitions against employment discrimination available to migrant workers employed in Europe: A review of international instruments and national law in four selected countries

    02 May 2008

    Policies on labour migration include measures of different types and pursue the realization of a number of objectives. In countries of destination, some policy measures are aimed at governing and managing flows with a view to adjusting the number and skill profiles of incoming migrant workers to the needs of labour markets. They may also be intended at facilitating or controlling the flows of family members reuniting with migrant workers already present in countries of destination. Policy measures may be meant to provoke flows in the opposite direction, in the sense of encouraging return migration to countries of origin.

  3. Publication

    Women, gender and the informal economy: An assessment of ILO research and suggested ways forward

    03 March 2008

    This discussion paper provides an overview of ILO research on women, gender and the informal economy which was undertaken during the last two decades. It examines methodological and analytical frameworks used in various studies, identifies research gaps and proposes directions for future work.

  4. Publication

    Skills and productivity in the informal economy

    10 January 2008

    Employment Working Paper No. 5

  5. Publication

    The informal economy: enabling transition to formalization. Background document to the Tripartite Interregional Symposium on the Informal economy: Enabling Transition to Formalization

    01 January 2008

  6. Publication

    Decent work and the transition to formalization: Recent trends, policy debates and good practices

    01 January 2008

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    Expanding women's employment opportunities: Informal economy workers and the need for childcare

    01 November 2007

    Childcare plays an essential role in supporting the employment of workers, and particularly women who continue to carry the primary responsibility for childcare in most societies. The lack of childcare support undermines women’s employment and steers women into the poorly paid, poorly protected informal economy. To address the gender dimension of informality, policy responses, programmes and projects need to recognize that providing childcare is a basic necessity for expanding women’s employment opportunities and enabling them to shift from informal economy activity to formal economic activity. The paper explores good practices on supporting the child care needs of informal workers through a series of well documented examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  8. Publication

    Participatory approaches to improving safety, health and working conditions in informal economy workplaces. Experiences of Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam

    01 October 2007

    Participatory training programmes are increasingly applied in Asia for supporting grassroots initiatives in informal economy workplaces to improve safety, health and working conditions. These participatory programmes are easy to apply and action-oriented, and focus on immediate improvement needs of informal economy workplaces. Workers in informal economy workplaces have identified and implemented practical safety and health improvements with the support from the participatory training programmes.

  9. International Migration Papers No. 90

    Migration and irregular work in Austria: Results of a Delphi-Study

    15 May 2007

  10. Publication

    Apprenticeship in the informal economy in Africa Workshop report Geneva, 3-4 May 2007

    04 May 2007

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 1