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    A knowledge exchange with ILO Ankara: Learning from each other and sharing experiences to support the creation of decent work opportunities for refugees and host communities

    30 March 2021

    The ILO Office in Turkey and the PROSPECTS programme jointly organized a webinar to exchange knowledge and experiences on how to foster an enabling environment for the socio-economic inclusion of refugees and vulnerable host community members.

  2. Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators

    Marta Lozano Molano, Founding Member of Wazo Cooperative

    24 March 2021

    “Spotlight Interviews with Co-operators” is a series of interviews with co-operators from around the world with whom ILO officials have crossed paths during the course of their work on cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy (SSE). On this occasion, the ILO interviewed Marta Lozano Molano, a founding member of Wazo Coop.

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    Webinar: Formalisation and the MSD approach: business growth, resilience and improved working conditions

    15 March 2021

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    ILO Contributes to a UN DESA webinar on MSME formalization through cooperatives

    15 March 2021

    The webinar on “Promoting MSME Formalization through the Cooperative Enterprise Model” took place on 11 March 2021 with the participation of policy makers, cooperatives, and development partners

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    Working from home

    ILO Turkey’s report reveals home-based work is primarily shaped by gender roles

    02 March 2021

    A report by the ILO Office for Turkey on home-based work – the oldest form of work that has become even more widespread in the times of COVID-19 pandemic – reveals the gender-based dimensions of home-based work. “Home bounded – Global outreach: Home-based workers in Turkey”, establishes that home-based work, regardless of workers’ socio-economic status, is a form of work without social security or social protection.

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    ILO COOP participates in the launch of the global network of home-based workers, HomeNet International

    24 February 2021

    ILO COOP Unit participated in the launching congress of the global network of home-based workers as an observer and provided a message of solidarity.

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    World Employment and Social Outlook 2021

    Rapid growth of digital economy calls for coherent policy response

    23 February 2021

    The growth of digital labour platforms is presenting opportunities and challenges for workers and businesses and a need for international policy dialogue.

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    StreetNet International organises an orientation session on cooperatives and the informal economy

    22 February 2021

    ILO COOP Unit Manager presented at an orientation session organised by StreetNet International for its regional coordinators on cooperatives’ role in the informal economy

  9. Community Emergency Employment Programme

    A fight for survival amid the pandemic

    19 February 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected workers in the informal economy like Mohalidin. A father of 15 children, he shares his experience and life changing impact basic income and social protection can have for families struggling to survive.

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    Webinar: How COVID-19 has Increased Vulnerability in the Informal Sector: Business Environment Solutions

    17 February 2021