Events on informal economy

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    European Commission conference "Exploiting the employment potential of personal and household services"

    In April 2012, the European Commission opened a public consultation on exploiting the employment potential of the personal and household services. This conference will examine the main outcomes of the consultation. The ILO-Brussels office will chair the panel on working conditions and standards.

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    Interregional Symposium on the Informal Economy - Enabling transition to formalization

    The tripartite Symposium on the informal economy is convened on the basis of a Governing Body decision in March 2006 to provide a forum for in-depth technical discussion on recent policy responses that are being developed for enabling the transition to formalization. The Symposium will review, share and disseminate information on the effective experience developed in the different countries as well as regions. The Symposium will bring together expertise from governments, employers and workers organizations. In addition, a selected number of researchers, practitioners and institutions will contribute to the discussion.

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    Decent Work Forum No. 22

    Bad Samaritans: Rich Nations, Poor Policies and the Threat to the Developing World

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    Decent Work Forum No. 21

    The Feminist Economics of Trade

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    Decent Work Forum No. 19

    Informal Sector vs Informal Jobs: How great is the difference?

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    Decent work for women

    an ILO proposal to accelerate the implementation of the Beijing Platform for action