Events on informal economy

  1. Event

    Learning series on the transition to formal economy

  2. Event

    Academy on formalisation of the informal economy: Second edition

  3. Summary reports

    Global and Regional Knowledge Sharing Forums on Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy

  4. 13th African Regional Meeting

    Special plenary debate: “Transition from the informal to the formal economy in Africa: The way forward”

  5. Symposium

    Trade and Employment in Developing Countries

  6. Event

    Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Non-Standard Forms of Employment

    This meeting will bring together experts from around the world to gain a better understanding of the incidence and trends of non-standard forms of employment across different countries of the world, the reasons for its use, its effects on the labour market, firms and workers, including workers’ ability to realize their fundamental rights. The meeting will also discuss national regulations with respect to non-standard forms of employment and different regulatory responses.

  7. Event

    ILO Regional Skills Programme: Regional training on employment services

    This workshop is designed to provide opportunities for participating countries to improve their knowledge and strengthen their capacities on the operations and functioning of their public employment services as well as to expand their network to provide jobseekers with better opportunities for domestic and overseas employment.

  8. Event

    ILO's participation in the 20th International AIDS Conference

    The ILO is participating in AIDS2014, which is expected to gather over 10,000 delegates (including policy makers, programme implementers, practitioners, activists, scientists, journalists, people living with HIV) from nearly 200 countries on the theme: Stepping up the pace. The ILO and its partners will highlight the contribution of the world of work to the AIDS response through various events and activities held from 20 to 24 July in Melbourne, Australia.

  9. Event

    ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy: towards inclusive and sustainable development: Brochure (English, Portuguese and Spanish)

    The fourth edition of the ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy will be held in Campinas, Brazil, 28 July – 1 August 2014

  10. Event

    Tripartite Meeting of Experts on Facilitating Transitions from the Informal Economy to the Formal Economy

    A Tripartite Meeting of Experts will be held to serve as part of the preparatory work for the standard-setting item placed on the agenda of the 103rd Session (June 2014) of the International Labour Conference on facilitating transitions from the informal to the formal economy with a view to the elaboration of a Recommendation.