Employment Policy Design Lab

The Employment Policy Design Lab is a space to showcase ILO’s approaches, tools and good practices in countries that can support policymakers develop and implement more effective employment policies. Explore the Lab by either: 1) Accessing information, tools and country experiences for each step over the policy cycle; or 2) Discovering new insights on innovations in different thematic areas.
  1. Employment diagnostics

    Find tools and resources for understanding the underlying causes of decent work deficits and how countries can move towards full and productive employment

  2. Policy formulation

    Developing national and sub-national employment policies and integration of employment objectives in other development, economic and social policies

  3. Implementation strategies

    Institutional capacity building, action plans, pro-employment budgeting, partnerships to facilitate implementation

  4. Monitoring and evaluation

    Learn how to assess the performance and effectiveness of employment policies including through monitoring and employment impact assessment

Key resources

  1. International Labour Conference – 110th Session, 2022

    Reports of the Recurrent Discussion Committee: Employment

    Proposed resolution and conclusions submitted to the Conference for adoption.

  2. Report

    Guide for the review of employment-related public expenditures and application to six pilot countries

    This report presents the first assessment of employment-related public expenditures (ERPEs) in six pilot countries, as an input to support the gradual transition towards pro-employment budgets. The goal is to understand the consistency of public expenditures with national employment policies and issues related to their incidence, effectiveness, and allocative efficiency.