Employment Matters too much to Society to Leave to Markets Alone

News | 09 December 2020
On 25th November 2020 Cambridge Scholars Publishing released a publication, entitled “The Value of Work and Its Rules between Innovation and Tradition: ‘Labour Is Not a CommodityToday". This new book includes a Chapter entitled Employment Matters too much to Society to Leave to Markets Alone by Kate Philip (Independent) and, Maikel Lieuw-Kie-Song, Mito Tsukamoto, and Anna Overbeck who have all worked or are working with the ILO’s Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP).

The Chapter discusses how to promote full employment in the future world of work. It is done by an examination of the existing measures to promote full employment in the context of the social contract and an analysis of the role of Public Employment Programmes (PEPs) can play in strengthening the future social contract. PEPs are analyzed with reference to their functions as a measure against involuntary unemployment, and fostering a social protection floor to support a Universal Labour Guarantee. This Chapter also evaluates how PEPs can contribute to solving other societal goals such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, labour market transitions, peacebuilding and strengthening the commons.

The book examines the ways and the means through which the principle “labour is not a commodity” has been materialized as well as the practical implications. The publication contains a selection of papers presented at the 10th ADAPT International Conference held in Bergamo on 28-30 November 2019.

The book can be purchased from Cambridge Scholars Publishing, which is an independent academic publisher founded in 2001.

An excerpt from the Chapter can be found here.

ILO staff can access the book via the ILO Library here.