UN 75th Anniversary

Investing in people through the ILO’s employment-intensive investment approach

News | 25 November 2020
The latest publication for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), titled UN75: Sustainable Engineering in Action, was launched in a virtual webinar on Monday, 16 November to mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. The book highlights the ICE and UN’s shared commitment to shaping a better future, and addresses the challenges that lie ahead, as informed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UN75: Sustainable Engineering In Action aims to raise awareness of the vital need for sustainable development and infrastructure, and highlight the role that engineering has to play in tackling the SDGs.

The book features a chapter on the ILO’s support to countries in addressing unemployment and underemployment through public investments, and provides examples from the implementation of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme, underscoring the important part played by inclusivity, employment rights and good working conditions in the ILO’s sustainable approach to infrastructure development and environmental works.

Download the free digital version of the publication via this link.