ILO presents labour-intensive public works in Jordan

News | 06 May 2020
On 5 May, a virtual seminar was hosted by the World Bank Group in coordination with the Bank’s Amman office to present the labour-intensive programme experience within the Municipal Services and Social Resilience Project (MSSRP) in Jordan. ILO provides technical assistance to this project to introduce and mainstream labour-intensive approaches in municipal works.

About 50 participants attended the seminar mostly from World Bank offices globally, some donors representatives as well as Jordanian government officials. Bashar Samarneh from the ILO office in Jordan was the key speaker. He presented the know-how and different steps to introduce and mainstream Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) in the MSSRP with real cases from the project lifecycle with challenges and opportunities.

During the presentation, questions were raised by the participants on topics such as applying task-based systems, how to include women, labour intensity variation from one project to another, recruitment and issues one may face during restructuring of programmes. Labour-intensive works have demonstrated to be effective in supporting the Government of Jordan in creating jobs for Jordanians and Syrian refugees, and can equally be effective during the post-COVID-19 recovery. The World Bank team considers the labour-intensive approaches as highly relevant for employment creation and equally important in post-COVID-19 recovery efforts, especially for municipalities and sub-national governments.