Resources on Rural economy

  1. Video

    Ending Child Labour in Supply Chains project study visit in Uganda

    28 March 2024

    Interaction on child labour in Uganda’s coffee supply chain with smallholder coffee farmers and commercial coffee enterprises.

  2. Publication

    8.7 Accelerator Lab: Theory of change for the agriculture sector

    28 March 2024

  3. News

    Local communities in Attapeu Province learn about the cooperative model in Lao People's Democratic Republic

    19 March 2024

    The ILO organized training workshops for district officers, vocational teachers and students and cooperative members in Attapeu province, Lao PDR utilizing its Think.COOP and Start.COOP packages.

  4. Promotion of social dialogue

    Indonesian palm oil sector improves labour-management cooperation through social dialogue

    04 March 2024

    The ILO facilitates workers and employers of the Indonesian palm oil sector to promote social dialogue for improved productivity and workplace cooperation.

  5. International Women's Day

    Eliminating the vulnerability of female workers to exploitation in the palm oil and fisheries sectors

    27 February 2024

    The ILO together with the Ministry of Manpower and Sectoral Employers promotes gender equality and protection for women workers in the palm oil and fisheries sectors.

  6. Article

    Navigating hardship: Lebanon's agricultural workers in the absence of social protection

    27 February 2024

    The story of Tony Al Hazoury and his struggle for a decent life.

  7. Press release

    Youths across Jordan gain new skills through work-based learning

    26 February 2024

    Hundreds of Jordanian and Syrian youths celebrated the completion of their training programmes, provided by the ILO and Jordan River Foundation, as they prepare to enter the world of work with increased practical and technical skills.

  8. ILO Working paper 107

    Employment and wage disparities between rural and urban areas

    13 February 2024

    This study uses household survey data from 58 countries around the world to compare the labour market outcomes of rural and urban workers, taking into account the specific socio-demographic characteristics of rural populations. It also provides an overview of the legal frameworks that can be used to address rural-urban employment and wage disparities.

  9. Article

    Navigating hardship: Lebanon's agricultural workers in the absence of social protection

    08 February 2024

    No rest in old age. The story of Chawki Boustani, who is still farming at 91.

  10. News

    New employment opportunities for laid-off workers on digital entrepreneurship

    25 January 2024

    ILO digital entrepreneurship training, jointly conducted with Evermos, a social commerce reseller platform, not only provides new digital skills, but also opens a new, inclusive employment opportunity.