Discussion guide on Rural Economy

Discussion forum | 06 June 2017
Download the discussion guide in Excel format, fill-in and then send to decentwork@ilo.org

Tip: the discussion should first establish the factual basis and then consider the actual implementation of the respective policies and actions.

  1. What is the size and importance of the rural economy in your country in terms of population, employment, poverty levels, GDP and export earnings?

  2. Does the national programming framework include sections or chapters on rural development/employment/economy?

  3. Does the programming framework address the Issue of rural-urban inequality and of rural-urban migration?

  4. Does the programming framework include measures to raise rural productivity and earnings, and to facilitate access to markets, to new technologies and to financial services?

  5. Does the programming framework foresee specific measures to boost off-farm employment and livelihoods in rural areas?

  6. Do strategies exist to extend social protection coverage to rural areas, including to subsistence farmers?

  7. Do the national and/or sectoral workers’ and employers’ federations reach out to rural producers and workers, and include them in social dialogue mechanisms?

  8. Did your country ratify the International Labour Standards most relevant to the rural economy, and does the country apply these standards in practice?