Discussion guide on Future of Work

Discussion forum | 06 June 2017
Download the discussion guide in Excel format, fill-in and then send to decentwork@ilo.org

Tip: the discussion should first establish the factual basis and then consider the actual implementation of the respective policies and actions.
  1. Did your country hold national conversations around the four FoW themes mentioned above, and, if so, has the outcome been documented and made public?

  2. Were the workers, the employers, civil society and the academia involved in these national conversations?

  3. Have development partners, including the UN system, taken part in the conversations?

  4. Do national processes and/or institutions focus specifically on the Future of Work at the national level?

  5. Does the national development framework address the quantitative and qualitative impact of trade and of global production systems on the labour market, including the gender implications?

  6. Does the national development framework evaluate the impact of technological progress and innovation on employment and productivity?

  7. Are new technologies, such as information and communications technology, being used to improve access to training for women, youth or rural communities?

  8. Does government and/or do the social partners make dedicated efforts to prepare the workforce and businesses for the changing world of work?