Good Practice

ILO Evaluation Summaries - Page 1 Partnerships for Youth Employment in the CIS– Final evaluation

Good Practice Description

The project “Partnerships for Youth Employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States” was implemented over a five-year period, from 2013 to 2017, through a Public-Private Partnership between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and a major Russian enterprise – the global energy company, LUKOIL. Youth employment promotion has been recognized as a global priority and the project represents an important regional response, incorporating many of the policy and programme approaches called for in the 2012 International Labour Conference resolution – “The youth employment crisis: A Call for Action” and reinforced in the 2013 “Oslo Declaration: Restoring confidence in jobs and growth” adopted at the Ninth European Regional Meeting of ILO constituents.

The immediate objectives of the project focused on both the development of effective youth employment policies and strategies in the region and support for the implementation of action plans and programmes in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. It included action at three levels. At the regional level, the project sought to foster a collaborative network across the CIS countries that would serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, regional strategy development and the conduct of peer reviews. At the national level, the project supports the development of packages of initiatives tailored to the specific needs of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. It also develops the capacity of these countries to effectively implement these initiatives. At the sub-national level, the project supports three regions of the Russian Federation to build local partnerships that would oversee the piloting of some of these initiatives.