Good Practice

Public-Private partnership (PPP) between the chocolate and cocoa industry and the ILO in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire - Final Evaluation

Project documentation | 24 October 2017
Contact(s): IPEC
Good Practice Description

An emerging good practice of this project is ILO-IPEC's integrated approach on Child Labor eradication. This approach was possible through the complementary actions of different initiatives that focus specifically on certain aspects of child labour and are at the same time coordinated by a master-plan, and by focusing not only on the root causes of child labour but also putting emphasis on working at different levels of policy and institutional capacities and community mobilization. This directly affects the overall development objective of the project.

In stand-alone communities the project has benefited all of the children and their families by providing school kits, birth certificates, health support, etc. Thus some of the challenges and confusion usually associated with selecting beneficiaries in other projects was absent. This was a good practice that proved to be positive for project development in the communities because it enhanced involvement and participation of community members and resulted in stronger support of project initiatives. This is related to Immediate Objective 3 in the revised framework that the evaluators proposed after observing that a project component such as the prevention and withdrawal of children engaged in or at risk of entering Child Labour through sensitization, awareness-raising and school support, was not reflected in the original objectives and outputs.