Good Practice

Emergency and recovery support to restart livelihoods in Leyte province - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

Supporting management activities to ensure well targeted and effective delivery of interventions should be noted. These include: (c) Social preparation to ensure that communities form which beneficiaries were draw are aware of selection criteria; participants understand inputs they will receive; and the role they must play. This prevents later dissatisfaction or capture of activities by any group; (d) Monitoring of the emergency employment was consistent and transparent and ensure that beneficiaries performed their tasks and cash was not diverted.

Where sub-project activities provided forums or focal points that allowed workers to meet, through follow-up training, or in the case of the tri-cycle drivers' foundation in Tacloban, a repair and spare parts center, this fosters communication. This in term can be a pathway to associations for self-employed workers.
The open planning approach appears to be very suitable in the disaster recovery context. It allows field teams to identify local issues; possible sub-projects to address these, and then assemble implementing teams from a range of agencies.