Good Practice

Women's entrepreneurship development and economic empowerment (Irish Aid/PROPEL) Global Component - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

Group of vegetable growers closely knit together across tribal boundaries through being HIV positive and supporting each other to take retro-virals on time and against stigmatisation; Group members have individual plots and also market their vegetables occasionally individually; Involvement private sector: Serena Hotel in Amboseli Park who buys and NGO owning trading company; Training and accompanying producers from harvest to delivery of vegetables (timing, packaging, transport, sourcing of not produced type of vegetables, quality assurance etc.); Difficulty: private sector players in the value chain with different knowledge.

Mentoring is needed to help newly trained women entrepreneurs to apply their knowledge in practice. Follow-up is necessary to avoid lapsing which requires reporting to the expert leading the mentorship programme. Mentoring has been started by WED-EE as a pilot test in Kenya to see the effect of a close follow-up. The randomised evaluation will do the research on this effect.