Good Practice

Improving labour law compliance and building sound labour practices in the export oriented shrimp sector in Bangladesh - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

The project organized educational and outreach campaign on labor rights and responsibilities at factory level using one of the folk cultural media tools, i.e. Pot song. The Pot refers to a painted banner that is used during a performance featuring songs, dance and acting in order to engage with the audience and convey message to them.

Capacity building activities of the ILO Shrimp project have included ToT programmes for mid-level managers and factory level training programme for workers/factory management to build capacity of participants on the amended labor laws with a special focus on enterprise level application of labor law, OSH and workplace cooperation. In delivering these capacity building interventions, ILO outsourced either external collaborators who are consultants with relevant expertise in their area of endeavor or social partners (government and workers' organization).