Good Practice

Effective governance of labour migration and its skills dimensions - Final evaluation

Project documentation | 24 October 2017
Contact(s): DWT/CO-Budapest
Good Practice Description

On a general level, the project has provided a platform for the exchange among the various stakeholders of best practices, processes and methodologies based on internationally accepted standards. For achieving that, it has brought together a wide range of actors and created new cooperation networks. Since the newly acquired knowledge has been effectively internalized by the target groups, it has led to the setting in motion of new processes which are expected to last beyond the life of the project : agreements reached under the project in several areas are likely to be seen as gateways towards the conclusion of new agreements and other mechanisms for increased cooperation in these areas.

The project was characterized across the board by a strong capacity building component. The development of practical guides, manuals and handbooks has contributed to increasing the value of outputs by systematizing the knowledge provided, enabling practical application and facilitating further transfer to additional users. These outputs should be disseminated as appropriate within Moldova and Ukraine. Furthermore, there is considerable scope for their adaptation and replication on a global level.