Good Practice

Combating the worst forms of child labour in shrimp and seafood processing areas in Thailand - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

Labour rights promotion network's approach to building and sustaining networks within the community to support migrant children access to public schools.
The Blue Book was identified by both Education officials and Raks Thai as effective for communicating on implementation of MOE policy with regard to the migrant children population. Civil society groups used the Blue Book to address administrative barriers for schools in communities where migrant populations are concentrated.
While the evaluation team is critical of the soft approach taken and recommends stakeholders to further develop the GLP to serve as a credible means to evaluate as well as to build capacity (see below), the GLP holds promise as a means to engage and enable collaboration among various stakeholders, including migrant workers, to begin dialogue on child labour and decent work more broadly within an industry troubled by human rights abuse.
The provincial-level non-formal education’s support to local schools and the intent to work in partnership to support the learning of migrant children was effective at the community level.