Publications on domestic work

  1. Publication

    Rendere il lavoro dignitoso una realtà per i lavoratori domestici – Sintesi del rapporto

    15 June 2021

  2. Training Policy Brief

    Protecting domestic workers in Lebanon. How to amend the labour code to better protect domestic migrant workers in Lebanon?

    23 March 2021

    This policy brief intends to provide recommendations on how to better protect the domestic workers in Lebanon by amending the labour code. It reviews the situation of the employment conditions of the migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, which were lately exacerbated as a result of the COVID-19. As a way forward, it proposes three recommendations in order to unlock the complex situation.

  3. Policy resource package

    Extending social security to domestic workers

    12 March 2021

    Key lessons learned from international experience

  4. Policy resource package

    Extending social security to workers in the informal economy

    12 March 2021

    Key lessons learned from international experience

  5. Publication

    Domestic Workers and Decent Work in Sri Lanka

    05 January 2021

    In response to a Government of Sri Lanka request, this Report highlights key findings from a study which examined the living and working conditions of domestic workers and assessed the current legal and policy gaps to ratify ILO's Decent Work for Domestic Workers Convention (No 189)

  6. Malaysia Decent Work Country Programme

    Promoting decent work for sustainable development

    20 November 2020

    The Malaysia Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) 2019–20 provides a framework for the first of two phases of structured cooperation between the ILO, the Government of Malaysia, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC).

  7. Global Deal for Decent Work & Inclusive Growth - Thematic Brief

    Social Dialogue for the Transition from the Informal to the Formal Economy

    20 November 2020

    Social dialogue has a vital role to play in supporting the transition from the informal to the formal economy. Drawing on case studies from around the world, this Global Deal thematic brief illustrates how social dialogue, involving governments and representative employers’ and workers’ organizations has, in different ways and at different levels, contributed to the transition to formality and the reduction of decent work deficits in the informal economy. It aims to assist all concerned stakeholders to apply social dialogue for the design and implementation of effective formalization strategies, in the context of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and the relevant international labour standards.

  8. DIILM Updates

    International Labour Migration Governance

    12 November 2020

    DIILM update #3 focuses on the ILO’s work with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, and Population (MOLIP); Parliamentarians, the Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation, labour organizations and CSOs to strengthen the legislative and policy framework governing international labour migration

  9. Research brief

    Migration cost survey among Indonesian and Filipina domestic workers in Malaysia

    22 October 2020

    This research brief presents the findings of the survey on migration cost of Indonesian and Filipina domestic workers in Malaysia. The survey is guided by the ILO’s 2019 General Principles and Operational Guidelines for Fair Recruitment and Definition of Recruitment Fees and Related Costs and builds on previous studies conducted by the World Bank-led Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD).

  10. DIILM Updates

    Making decent work a reality for domestic workers

    20 October 2020

    DIILM Update No. 2 Domestic Workers, October 2020