Evaluation Summary

Evaluation of the ILO Disability Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan 2014-17

This document reports on the findings of a final internal evaluation of the International Labour Organization's (ILO) Disability Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan 2014-17.

The Disability Strategy set out outcomes and activities for ILO during the four-year period. The disability unit within the Gender, Equality and Diversity (GED) Branch in Geneva was responsible for the overall management of the strategy, but the document pertains to the actions of ILO as a whole, and not just one branch. As such the strategy laid out goals for disability action across branches within Geneva and the field, work in partnership with other United Nations (UN) agencies and external stakeholders, and also addressed ILO’s internal policies on disability and inclusion.

The full report can be downloaded at https://www.ilo.org/evalinfo/product/download.do;?type=document&id=24047