ILO COOP is updating its consultants database

News | 01 March 2022
Interested experts or organisations that wish to be included in the database are invited to submit an updated CV and a brief summary of areas of competence and experience, in English, French or Spanish to

ILO COOP serves ILO constituents, and works with cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy (SSE) through a three-pronged strategy: Advancing cooperatives and the wider SSE as economically, socially and environmentally responsible and viable business options; Encouraging the integration of decent work as a priority in the development of cooperatives and the wider SSE; and Ensuring that the role of cooperatives and the wider SSE are recognized in advancing decent work and sustainable development.

The unit uses the following six approaches: Providing legal and policy advice; Scaling up development cooperation projects; Upgrading training and capacity building; Deepening research and knowledge generation; Expanding on communication & dissemination and Strengthening partnerships. Among the areas of work undertaken by the unit are: care, informal and rural economies, forced displacement, just digital and ecological transitions, women empowerment and youth employment.