ILO COOP/SSE holds follow up activities as part of the project on Strengthen Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) policy in Asia

A number of follow-up activities are being held to disseminate key outputs of the project on Strengthening SSE Policy in Asia.

News | 25 August 2021
The ILO is undertaking follow-up activities as part of the project on Strengthening Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) policy in Asia, that took place during 2019- 2021. The activities, which consist of producing a series of eight policy briefs, a project video and a website are being developed to disseminate the project’s key outputs to the relevant stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific region and beyond.

The policy briefs extract key findings from the research report produced by Seoul National University (SNU) that coordinated the work of six country researchers. It describes the organizational landscape for SSE, identify policy challenges, and suggest preliminary pathways for strengthening SSE across the six countries in Asia – Republic of Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. A series of eight briefs (an Introduction and Conclusion brief along with six country cases) will be published as a compendium. The Indonesia brief is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

A project video gives a brief overview of what SSE is in general and highlight key elements of its development in Asia and the Pacific region. Given that the understanding on SSE is in its early stages in the region, the video provides a glimpse of how the project aimed to fill knowledge gaps through research and raised awareness on the SSE’s contribution towards building sustainable and inclusive societies through capacity building activities. The video is available here.

A final internal evaluation of the project is taking place, to assess the project’s effectiveness in achieving the project outcomes, review its strategies for sustainability, and identify lessons learned and potential good practices to improve the design and implementation of similar projects in the future.

The ILO launched the second phase of the project in July 2021, expanding its scope to six additional countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos and Cambodia. A project webpage is being developed to feature news, events, and key outputs of the first and second phases of the project. Through these activities, the ILO hopes that ILO constituents, promoters and other stakeholders will have access to studies and knowledge on the overall SSE landscape in Asia, and have increased understanding on the contribution of SSE to the human-centered future of work in Asia and the Pacific.