Workshop on Strengthening SSE Policy in Asia to take place in March 2021

The ILO will bring together tripartite delegations, practitioners and leaders in the SSE movement, researchers and other stakeholders from six Asian countries in a virtual capacity-building workshop to enhance their capacity in developing and/or strengthening their SSE policies and programmes.

News | 08 December 2020
The ILO will hold a virtual workshop in March 2021 as part of the second phase of the ILO project on Strengthening Social and Solidarity Economy Policy in Asia, funded by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour (MOEL) and implemented by the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KoSEA). The first phase consisted of a mapping of the SSE policies and institutions in six Asian countries (China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia), which culminated in an international research conference on September 22. The researchers shared key findings and policy directions that can strengthen SSE in the Asia and Pacific region. The reflections from key research findings will be integrated into the capacity-building workshop.

Held virtually, the main objective of the workshop is to deepen the understanding of opportunities and challenges facing SSE actors, and to strengthen the capacity of the participants in developing and/or strengthening the SSE policies and programmes. The workshop will gather representatives of employers, workers, governments, practitioners and leaders in the SSE movement and researchers from the six countries to learn about strategies and tools for promoting transition to formal economy, promoting decent work in the rural economy, and SSE responses to the COVID-19 crisis and its role in the post-pandemic recovery.

The participants to the workshop will also engage in an action planning exercise to develop policy agenda and prioritize policy actions tailored to each country context. A community of practice (CoP) will be formed among the participants to build on their shared knowledge, learn from each other’s SSE policy experiences, share best practice examples, and broaden their networks.

The ILO and KoSEA are currently finalizing the list of participants to the workshop. The workshop will invite a limited number of participants as to allow for close interactions and to maximize the participants’ engagement and learning. If you are an institution working in the field of SSE in the six Asian countries and are interested in attending the workshop, please contact