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    Cooperatives and Formalization – A Blog

    12 November 2014

  2. Cooperatives and Trade Unions

    Job preservation through the creation of worker cooperatives: Lessons for trade unions

    08 October 2014

    A new ILO publication presents a series of lessons learned by trade unions and cooperatives in their efforts to prevent the closing of enterprises through buyouts. It provides examples of success stories and documents the enabling conditions that led to success.

  3. International Summit of Cooperatives, Quebec City

    ILO: "Cooperatives can and must play a significant role as value driven enterprises expanding into new and innovative areas"

    07 October 2014

    Keynote address by Sandra Polaski, ILO Deputy Director General for Policy, at the International Summit of Cooperatives Session on Cooperatives and Employment.

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    Coops as employers

    Cooperatives get down to business

    15 September 2014

    From grain handlers to credit unions, cooperative enterprises as employers are assuming a leading role among social partnerships.

  5. COOP Champions

    Kelvin Sergeant, ILO office for the Caribbean

    09 September 2014

    COOP Champions features ILO colleagues from around the world working on cooperatives and other social and solidarity economy enterprises. It highlights their contributions, and shares highlights of their experiences, current work, and future aspirations.

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    The cooperative key to sustainable development

    02 September 2014

    On the occasion of the International Symposium “Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals: Focus on Africa” in Berlin, ILO Cooperative Unit (COOP) Chief Simel Esim explains why cooperatives are vital to reaching the goals of the United Nations’ post-2015 development agenda.

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    Fair economy

    Cooperatives’ considerable clout in the fight against child labour

    14 July 2014

    The coop economy, worth around US$2.5 trillion, plays its part in helping to eliminate child labour – a problem that, although in decline, still affects 168 million children worldwide.

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    International Day of Cooperatives

    Message by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder: “Cooperatives for sustainable development"

    05 July 2014

  9. Article

    Interview with Suman More, Solid Waste Collection and Handling (SWaCH)

    10 June 2014

  10. Article

    Interview with Arbind Singh of the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI)

    10 June 2014

    Street vendors were among the groups of workers in the informal economy who were well represented in the ILC. ILO COOP talked to Mr. Arbind Singh, the National Coordinator of The National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI).