The solidarity market of Casablanca

News | 10 August 2017
Le marché solidaire
The solidarity market is an initiative realized by the Mohammed V Foundation and represents an equitable marketing space dedicated to the sale of products from Moroccan cooperatives. The objective of this project is to provide a concrete response to the main challenge faced by most women's cooperatives, namely the marketing of their products.

Inaugurated in March 2017, this shop with a surface of 900m2 pilot counts more than 4 000 references of products of the soil coming from about 200 cooperatives almost exclusively women. The public has access to a wide range of product categories: food (olive and argan oils, condiments, jams, herbs, couscous, saffron, etc.) and cosmetics (argan oil, essential oils, aromatic plants and medicinal, floral waters, etc.). Handicrafts are not to be outdone: the products of basketwork, leather goods, cedar, carpets, pottery, textile, various accessories, household linen or trinkets are also on display. All of these products are offered at a price set by the producer. Their transportation is at the expense of the exhibitors. In order to ensure the sustainability of the center, from its second year of existence, a 5per cent and 10 per cent levy will be applied to sales profits.
More than 160,000 visitors have already been seduced by this approach. Honey, edible oils, spices, cosmetic oils and handicrafts are among the best-selling products. Figs, dates, aromatic and medicinal plants are also very popular.
The choice of the city of Casablanca to host this pilot project corresponds to a desire to sensitize in addition to the final consumers, actors and key economic decision-makers on this form of social and solidarity economy.