Steps and tips: Effective training delivery methods

  • As discussed in section "Providing instructional and learning materials", the entity responsible for managing apprenticeship programmes should facilitate the development of instructional media and training methodologies for various apprenticeship programmes.
  • The entity should ensure the availability of training programmes for developing the capacity of TVET teachers and in-CTs in using diverse training and teaching methods and instructional media (refer to section "Effective training delivery methods").
  • TVET teachers and in-CTs should identify and select a range of training methods for potential use in their apprenticeship programmes. They should adapt the training methods according to apprentices’ individual needs and in the context of the particular occupation.
  • During the implementation of the enterprise training plan, teachers and in-CTs should evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the selected training methods and modify them accordingly. They should also provide feedback to the developers of instructional media to ensure the relevance of training and teaching materials.


  • Use the feedback from apprentices to evaluate and improve training and teaching methods.
  • The use of modern technology can facilitate the development and implementation of innovative methodologies.