Making apprenticeships more attractive to young people

There are numerous reasons why young people might not be attracted to undertake apprenticeships. To address this issue, it is recommended that the following specific steps are taken to encourage young people into apprenticeships:

  • running information days in schools, and campaigns in the wider community, with the assistance of apprenticeship ambassadors, to promote the benefits of quality apprenticeships for young people
  • providing a comprehensive advice and guidance service – before and during the apprenticeship – to help young people make informed training and career choices
  • ensuring that apprentices are adequately remunerated during the entirety of the apprenticeship and covered by social protection schemes according to national contexts
  • setting up a national, sectoral, regional and/or local service to match apprentices with enterprises that are prepared to offer apprenticeships
  • ensuring that apprenticeship qualifications are recognized nationally and that they provide access to further technical and higher education opportunities
  • ensuring that the working conditions and the working environment in participating enterprises are safe
  • developing an information service for disseminating ideas and experiences of what works in order to improve the image of apprenticeships
  • encouraging workers’ organizations to represent apprentices and to protect their rights in accordance with national law.