Key Indicators of the Labour Market 2015 KILM

11. Long-term unemployment

The indicators on long-term unemployment look at duration of unemployment, that is, the length of time that an unemployed person has been without work, available for work and looking for a job. KILM 11 consists of two indicators, one containing long-term unemployment (referring to people who have been unemployed for one year or longer); and the other containing different durations of unemployment.

Harvesting information from international data repositories as well as regional and national statistical sources, the KILM offers data for over 200 countries. The 17 indicators provide detailed information related to 36 data tables, including indicators on employment (occupation, status, sector, hours, etc.), labour underutilization and the characteristics of job seekers, education, wages, labour productivity and working poverty. Taken together, these indicators provide a strong foundation from which to address key questions related to productive employment and decent work.