1. Improving Labour Statistics in Ukraine Through the Integration of Employment and Unemployment Data From Different Sources

    01 October 2001

    This paper attempts to compare and reconcile employment and unemployment data collected from different sources in Ukraine. Also, an alternative procedure to balancing is proposed – integration of data from different sources.

  2. Economic characteristics in a population census

    01 June 2001

    The objective of this Working Paper is to discuss in detail what questions to ask on each of the nine economic topics included in the revised UN Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses.

  3. Coding occupation and industry in a population census

    01 June 2001

    This working paper covers issues which must be addressed when questions related to ‘occupation’ and ‘industry’ are to be included in a population census.

  4. The hours that we work: the data we need, the data we get

    01 January 2001


  1. ILO labour force participation rates for 10-14 years old versus UNESCO school enrolment ratios

    01 June 2000

    The purpose of this article is to evaluate the ILO data in relation to the UNSECO data on school enrolment for 44 countries for the year 1990. An earlier evaluation based on Child Labour Surveys in 6 countries (Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Turkey) showed suprisingly that except for one country (Philippines) the ILO labour force participation rates for the age group 10-14 years tended to be higher than the corresponding rates obtained from specialised national child labour surveys.

  2. Income from households’ non-SNA production: A review

    01 March 2000

    The objective is to introduce the reader to issues relating to households’ non-SNA production especially in connection with the analysis of the distribution of income and poverty.

  3. Household production and income: some preliminary issues

    01 March 2000

    The present paper aims at contributing, for researchers on household income accounting, some of the experience acquired in the context of national accounting on the monetary valuation of households' non-market production. No attempt is made in this paper at analysing different concepts of household income.

  4. ILO dissemination of international labour statistics on Internet

    01 January 2000

  5. New Methodologies for Collecting Occupational Injury Data

    01 January 2000

  6. Status in Employment: a world survey of practices and problems

    01 January 2000