19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians

2-11 October 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

Opening the Conference of Labour Statisticians at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder insisted on the importance for countries to rely on comprehensive and up-to-date statistics to shape their policies in a fast-moving economic environment.
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The 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians adopted five resolutions concerning: Statistics of Work, Employment and Labour Underutilization (Resolution I); further work on statistics of forced labour, cooperatives and labour migration; and the functioning of the Conference. It also endorsed guidelines concerning a statistical definition of employment in the environmental sector.

Preparatory activities for the 19th ICLS

In 2009 the ILO Department of Statistics established a Working Group for the Advancement of Employment and Unemployment Statistics to provide advice on the review and update of the standards as well as the development of a set of measures of labour underutilization to supplement the unemployment rate. Its members are experts in labour statistics from countries representing all major regions of the World.

The Working Group operates through technical meetings and virtual discussions managed by the ILO through a secure online platform accessible only to Working Group members.

During 2012 the ILO Department of Statistics, in collaboration with the Regional Economic Commissions of the United Nations and development partners, are organizing Preparatory Regional Meetings in support of the 19th ICLS. The main objective of the regional meetings is to widen the consultation process with a view to enhance the participation of countries in the 19th ICLS process.

Schedule of meetings in preparation for the 19th ICLS

For more information, please contact the ILO Department of Statistics at: icls@ilo.org