Events and courses

October 2018

  1. Les Entretiens France-BIT

    The future of work: More voice for better decisions in the enterprise

June 2018

  1. Event

    Artifical intelligence and work

    Report to the French government

  2. Event

    Polarisation(s) in Labour Markets

    This one-day conference will gather researchers working on job polarisation

May 2018

  1. Event

    Designing Labor Market Institutions in Emerging and Developing Economies: Evidence and IMF Advice

    Presenter: Prakash Loungani (IMF)

  2. Event

    Managing without Growth: Slower by Design, not Disaster

    Presenter: Peter Victor (University of York - Canada)

  3. Event

    Inclusive growth and development: What is the future of responsible business?

    Presenters: Howard Gospel and Marie Lisa M. Dacanay

April 2018

  1. Event

    Call for applications to the France-ILO Fellowship at the Nantes Institute for Advanced Studies

  2. Event

    British Internationalism at the International Labour Organization (1919-1946)

    Olga Hidalgo-Weber, from the University of Geneva, discusses her research on British Internationalism at the ILO

  3. Event

    How technology impacts jobs: Launch of the Asian Development Outlook 2018

    Dr Juzhong Zhuang, Deputy Chief Economist of the Asian Development Bank, presents a study on technology and jobs in Asia

  4. Event

    Workers' participation today and its perspectives: Lessons from the Russian experience

    Presenter: Dr. Elena Gerasimova National, from the Research University in Moscow/IEA Nantes