Events and courses

February 2024

  1. Research Seminar

    Behind the AI Curtain: The Invisible Workers Powering AI Development

    A seminar unveiling the unseen human labour and ethical challenges in AI development, emphasizing the role of invisible workers and advocating for equitable and ethical practices through ILO's guidance.

  2. Research Seminar

    The Civil Rights Question of our time: How companies use AI to hire, surveil and fire workers and what organized labour can do to fight back

    Emmy-award winning journalist Hilke Schellmann discusses the pitfalls of AI in hiring and strategies for organized labour to counteract them.

January 2024

  1. High-level conference

    Conference on Preventing and Addressing Violence and Harassment in the World of Work through Occupational Safety and Health

    This event aims to disseminate the research findings and foster discussion among government representatives, social partners, and other stakeholders on benefits, challenges and gaps of addressing and preventing violence and harassment through OSH frameworks.

December 2023

  1. Research Seminar

    Generative AI and Jobs: A global analysis of potential effects on job quantity and quality.

    The paper explores the complex relationship between Generative AI technologies and the global job market. It presents a global analysis, which suggests that the latest family of Generative AI has more potential to transform jobs by automating specific tasks, rather than replacing entire job roles.

  2. Book Presentation

    Human-centred economics: The living standards of nations

    Richard Samans' book calls for a macroeconomic overhaul, prioritizing societal well-being and robust policy over mere economic growth, to bridge the gap between wealth and living standards.

November 2023

  1. High-level seminar

    Integrating Trade and Decent Work: What Works and Why?

    The high-level seminar will present key findings from the SUPPORT project, focusing on aligning trade policies with labour market institutions for sustainable development. The event features a high-level panel, including ILO, UNCTAD, and WTO representatives, to discuss innovative strategies and best practices in the trade-labor nexus.

October 2023

  1. ILO Research Department Training

    South East Asia regional training on evidence-based policy making

    It is widely recognized that evidence (data, research, best practices) is essential for decision and policy making. In practice, the use of evidence in the policy-making touching the world of work is still at its early stages and unevenly practiced.

  2. Seminar

    Skill Profiling Solutions

    Co-organized by the World Bank Group, ILO, and Labor Global Solutions Group, the seminar focuses on integrating skill profiling tools in various operations.

  3. Research Seminar

    Hard Times: Routine Schedule Unpredictability, Worker Wellbeing, and What to Do About it

    Examining the challenges faced by essential service sector workers in the U.S., both pre and post-COVID19, using data from the Shift Project. The study highlights the prevalence of unstable work schedules and assesses the potential for improved employer practices and local labour policies to enhance scheduling stability.

September 2023

  1. Book presentation

    The Irish Influence: Building the League of Nations and the International Labour Organization

    Discover the impact of Seán Lester and Edward Phelan, who played pivotal roles in the League of Nations and ILO respectively. Former ILO staff Gerry Finnegan tells the story of two Irish diplomats who shaped global diplomacy and social justice forever.