Call for applications to the France-ILO Fellowship at the Nantes Institute for Advanced Studies

In the context of the partnership between the ILO and the government of France, a France-ILO fellowship (Chaire France-BIT) is being funded at the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study. This fellowship is particularly dedicated to researchers who work on issues of interest for the ILO. The deadline for applications is 30th April 2018.

This call for applications is aimed at researchers wishing to leave temporarily their usual national, institutional and disciplinary frameworks in order to pursue an ambitious project. The Nantes Institute for Advanced Study does not exclude any discipline (from social sciences and humanities to theoretical physics, biology, medicine, etc.) but encourages works enlightening the institutional underpinnings of our societies and their evolutions – especially in the relation to territory, body, work, economy, etc.

Every academic year, the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study, a state-approved public benefit foundation, invites about thirty Fellows selected for the quality and originality of their work. It offers 9-month-research stays, from October to June, during which research Fellows can pursue a project of their choice, freed from their administrative or teaching obligation.

For more information, please see the call for application.