July 2016

  1. From refugee in Kenya to business owner in Somalia

    06 July 2016

    Last October, UNHCR announced that 5,000 refugees had headed home to Somalia since December 2014 from the mammoth Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya, home to about 350,000 people.

June 2016

  1. Working out of poverty in Timor-Leste

    24 June 2016

    Timor-Leste’s long journey to independence eroded large segments of the economy and infrastructure. Despite recent and rapid oil-fuelled growth, poverty has remained acute with half the population living on less than a dollar a day.

May 2016

  1. © M. Crozet / ILO 2024

    Breaking the cycle of poverty in Tunisia

    02 May 2016

    Breaking the cycle of poverty can be done through the development of disadvantaged areas and creating opportunities for the local population. In Tunisia, the ILO has launched a series of projects in these areas using a participative approach that includes beneficiaries in their implementation. Young people are central to this process, as the school to work transition determines an adult’s chances to escape poverty.

December 2011

  1. Social security for all

    01 December 2011

    According to the ILO’s “World Social Security Report 2010/11”, only 20 per cent of the world’s working-age population has access to comprehensive social security systems.

  2. Gender equality is key to workplace responses to HIV and AIDS

    01 December 2011

    Gender inequality and HIV/AIDS are inextricably linked. Women account for just over 50 per cent of all people living with HIV.

  3. From sick to fit: Case management gaining ground as work reintegration tool

    01 December 2011

    With health care systems increasingly under pressure, and spending on disability benefits continuing to rise, a growing number of employers, governments and insurers are looking for ways to get injured or sick employees back to work. Patrick Moser, a Geneva-based journalist, reports.

  4. Migrants return to India

    01 December 2011

    To the boom tune of a strong Indian economy and cries of a global recession, a growing number of Indians are returning home to pursue promising careers.

  5. A changing world: Adapting to an ageing population in the workplace

    01 December 2011

    With better health and longevity, lower birth rates, and the ageing of baby boomers, the world is seeing a major change in demographic trends.

  6. Making markets work for jobs: The way out of the crisis

    01 December 2011

    The “World of Work Report 2011” calls for maintaining and in some cases strengthening pro-employment programmes, warning that efforts to reduce public debt and deficits have often disproportionately focused on labour market and social measures.

  7. A worsening global youth employment crisis

    01 December 2011

    Last October, the ILO issued its “Global Employment Trends for Youth: 2011 update”. The report warns of a “scarred” generation of young workers facing a dangerous mix of high unemployment, increased inactivity and precarious work in developed countries, as well as persistently high working poverty in the developing world.