Her way to work (VHS-NTSC)

Date issued: 11 November 1999 | Size/duration: 30 pp.

As the 21st century approaches, women are entering an unmapped landscape of new jobs spurred by globalization. This fascinating video tells the stories of a group of women from around the world who are exploring some of these new ways to work.

Women in the workforce are becoming increasingly mobile and non-traditional in how they earn a living. This timely video explores some of the critical concerns surrounding migrant workers, micro-enterprise and informal sector jobs, home-work, as well as women working in export-processing zones.

Her Way to Work examines where these newly created opportunities are leading women by presenting the stories of:

  • Mildred, who, like a quarter of million other women in the Philippines, leaves each year as a migrant worker
  • Monica, the sole support of her large extended family in Mozambique, who tries to balance the burden of family and financial responsibilities
  • Nida and Tesse who spend hours stitching products at home for sale abroad
  • Maribel, a lawyer in the Dominican Republic, who saw export-processing zones as a way out of a rural life that led nowhere