Action against child labour

Based primarily on ILO experience, particularly its International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), addresses the strategies, instruments, methodologies and information necessary to plan and carry out effective action to eliminate child labour.

"Action Against Child Labour is essential reading for those seeking to address child labour practically, and is a particularly useful text for researchers interested in the problem of child labour and the best ways to confront that problem. It provides an excellent overview of international responses to child labour, and gives a number of examples of programmes and policies within states with the aim of addressing child labour."
Labour and Industry, Australia, Vol. 12, April 2002

"…a masterful job of compiling all the information a country needs to end child labor abuses. Especially useful are real life examples from countries, such as India, Pakistan, Cambodia, the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Uganda, and South Africa."
Third World Business, Washington D.C., Summer 2000

Comprehensive and timely, this essential book provides a wealth of practical information on planning and carrying out action against child labour. Offering an array of effective strategies, instruments, methodologies, and information, it stresses a multi-pronged approach to combating child labour on several fronts : economic, educational, social and cultural. It provides numerous examples of effective policies, programmes and projects and offers step-by-step guidelines for their implementation. Government officials, employers, trade unions and members of civil society will find information especially designed for their use.