New forms of labour administration: Actors in development

In the rapidly changing world of work, labour administrations face significant challenges. This comprehensive volume examines how they are coping with globalization, modernization, and political and financial constraints while also contributing to the economic and social development of their countries.

Providing valuable real-life examples of effective and innovative practice, this study includes 27 case studies from countries around the world covering labour, employment and vocational training, industrial relations and evaluation. In all these fields, the book considers how labour administrations can better promote social democracy, the legal and social protection of workers and stronger ties between the social partners.

It examines the management, organization and internal functioning of labour administration while identifying issues that require close and high-priority attention. It also focuses on the difficulties of managing change and discusses various methods to help organizations be more efficient and useful as they modernize. The New Forms of Labour Administration offers a wealth of ideas and suggestions administrators can modify to fit their given situation.