Wood harvesting with hand tools. An illustrated training manual

In many developing countries wood harvesting with hand tools continues on a large scale. With the shift of emphasis towards trees grown by rural people rather than forestry enterprises, it will gain in importance in the years to come. This training manual provides basic information on efficient and safe equipment and methods for manual wood harvesting. At the same time, the information helps to ensure the fullest utilization of the available wood raw material. The manual updates previous ILO publications on the same subject, while taking into account progress and new developments observed in recent years. It is richly illustrated to make it easily accessible and will be ideal for forestry training and rural extension work. "This small book is a well-illustrated guide ..... simple to read, the diagrams are clear and are well described in the text ..... an excellent book dealing simply and in sufficient detail with a subject where current methods of operation often leave much to be desired."