Solar drying: Practical methods of food preservation

Manual on intermediate technology food preservation techniques like solar drying in rural areas of developing countries - based on ILO sponsored development projects in Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen; discusses solar dryer equipment, food processing techniques, the choice between sun and solar drying, and packaging of fish, vegetables, fruit and grain.

This training manual is the outcome of an ILO regional project on the development and application of appropriate food-processing technologies. During the project, extension workers from four developing Arab countries were trained in techniques of sun and solar drying. The manual provides clear and detailed information on the basic theory and practice of sun and solar drying of various food products (fish, fruit, vegetables and grains). It discusses the type of information needed to determine whether solar drying is feasible and appropriate in particular cases, and, with an explanation of how the sun's energy can be harnessed, outlines basic drying theory. Several different types of dryers - cabinet, tent, paddy, hybrid - are described and some guidance is given on their construction. Information is also provided on the preparation of the raw materials before they are dried and on packaging techniques for the dried product. It is hoped that agronomists, technologists and rural development trainers will use the