Small-scale paper-making (TM 8)

Technical memorandum, guidelines on choice of technology for small scale industries of the pulp and paper industry in developing countries - discusses application of intermediate technologys, characteristics of paper products, raw materials and required industrial equipment; explains evaluation techniques to determine the profitability of paper mills.

This technical memorandum, which has been prepared jointly by the ILO and UNIDO, is part of a series of publications on manufacturing technologies. The object of the series is to acquaint small-scale producers with alternative production techniques for specific products and processes, so as to help them to choose and apply those techniques which are most appropriate to local socio-economic conditions.

The memorandum provides technical and economic information on alternative paper-making technologies, describes the characteristics of various types and grades of paper products and gives guidance in the choice of paper machines. The information relates mostly to small-scale paper mills with a capacity of 30 tonnes of paper per day or less. The raw materials suggested for such mills include straw, bagasse, waste paper, rags and cotton waste, as well as other agricultural residues and imported wood pulp.