Asbestos: Health risks and their prevention (OSH 30)

ILO pub. Conference report of an ILO Meeting on occupational health and occupational safety with reference to asbestos - covers occupational diseases caused by asbestos (incl. Asbestosis and cancer), the technical prevention of hazards, the role of ILO, possible international regulation, etc., and includes a survey commenting on national level labour legislation and practice. List of participants, references and statistical tables. Conference held in Geneva 1973 December 11 to 18.

Report of the Meeting of Experts on the safe use of asbestos, Geneva, 11-18 December 1973 - Health hazards of asbestos by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Department of Employment, United Kingdom - Pathology of asbestos by Professor J. Champeix - Technical prevention of asbestos hazards by A. Wilkie - Survey of statutory provisions relating to the prevention of health risks due to asbestos