Approaches to Attribution of Detrimental Health Effects to Occupational Ionizing Radiation Exposure and their Application in Compensation Programmes for Cancer (OSH 73)

Jointly published by three international organizations with mandates relating to occupational health and ionizing radiation - the ILO, IAEA and WHO - the publication will be useful for national authorities, trade unions, employers and other parties with an interest in ensuring an equitable approach to workers' compensation.

Workers exposed to ionizing radiation in the course of their work may claim for compensation if they develop cancer. However, cancer is a common disease, especially in older age, and most cancers will be caused by non-occupational risk factors. Compiled by international experts, this book examines in detail the scientific basis for risk attribution, focusing in particular on the methodological issues associated with attributing individual cancers to previous occupational radiation exposures. The general features of compensation schemes are also presented, along with examples of compensation schemes from different countries, which illustrate a variety of approaches.