Books and reports

February 1992

  1. Publication

    Self-employment for disabled people. Experiences from Africa and Asia

    11 February 1992

    Self-employment for Disabled People is the outcome of a survey of 53 businesses run by disabled people in several countries. It shows in detail how disabled entrepreneurs succeeded in self-employment, providing encouragement to both the disabled and the institutions serving them. It also contains invaluable advice for planners and rehabilitation professionals in developing countries and presents a spectrum of new possibilities to promote self-help and economic self-reliance for disabled people.

January 1992

  1. Publication

    Technological change and labour relations

    22 January 1992

December 1991

  1. Publication

    Re-emergence of small enterprises and industrial restructuring in industrialised countries

    02 December 1991

    Based on case studies in selected industrialized countries, this book reviews the recent development of the small firm sector, identifying types of firms and analysing their status and role in local communities.

September 1991

  1. Publication

    Child labour: Law practice (Conditions of work digest 1/91)

    19 September 1991

    Includes texts of the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the ILO's Minimum Age Convention No. 138, Recommendation No. 146, 1973, and excerpts from other conventions and declarations.

May 1991

  1. Publication

    Prevention of major industrial accidents

    06 May 1991

    The objective of this code of practice is to provide guidance in the setting up of an administrative, legal and technical system for the control of major hazard installations. It seeks to protect workers, the public and the environment by: preventing major accidents from occurring at these installations; minimising the consequences of a major accident on site and off site, for example by: arranging appropriate separation between major hazard installations and housing and other centres of population nearby such as hospitals, schools and shops; and appropriate emergency planning.

April 1991

  1. Publication

    A guide to the teaching of collective bargaining. An instructional aid for worker students

    22 April 1991

  2. Publication

    Environment, employment, new industrial societies: a bibliographic map (BIB 15) (Biligual: French, English)

    08 April 1991

  3. Publication

    Safety and health in the use of agrochemicals: A guide

    02 April 1991

March 1991

  1. Publication

    The hours we work: New work schedules in policy and practice (Conditions of work digest 2/90)

    11 March 1991

    Provides an overview of provisions of laws and collective agreements, and policy statements on a wide variety of topics, including flexibility in daily and weekly hours and part-time work. Contains detailed descriptions of over 30 case studies in diverse industries and services and a comprehensive analysis of manuals and guidelines on working time arrangements.

January 1991

  1. Publication

    Projects with people. The practice of participation in rural development

    11 January 1991