Books and reports

October 1992

  1. Publication

    Introduction to work study. 4th revised edition

    12 October 1992

    This highly successful book, which describes the basic techniques of work study as practiced in many parts of the world, has been widely recognized as the best available introduction to the subject for work study practitioners, teachers and students

  2. Publication

    Employment and labour market interventions (ARTEP)

    05 October 1992

    Focuses on the period from 1963 to 1990..

September 1992

  1. Publication

    Combating sexual harassment at work (Conditions of work digest 1/92)

    28 September 1992

    Presents information on measures to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Provides an overview of action taken by intergovernmental organizations and of national legislation in 23 countries. Includes examples of practices at enterprise level and selected clauses of collective agreements.

May 1992

  1. Publication

    Economic reform, social change and institutional perspectives in central and Eastern Europe (BIB 16) / Réformes économiques, évolution sociale, perspectives institutionnelles dans les pays d'Europe centrale et orientale (BIB 16) (Bi-lingual E/F)

    29 May 1992

  2. Publication

    Enabling people to help themselves (ARTEP)

    26 May 1992

  3. Publication

    Workers’ privacy. Part I: Protection (Conditions of wotk digest 2/91)

    15 May 1992

    Provides an overview of legislative provisions of 19 countries and of international instruments on data protection. Looks at enterprise- level practices, provisions of collective agreements, as well as policy statements, directives and guidelines issued by government institutions, trade unions and individual employers regarding workers' privacy.

  4. Publication

    Small-scale maize milling (TM 7)

    06 May 1992

    Contains lists of equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and of selected research, academic and appropriate technology institutions.

  5. Publication

    Small-scale oil extraction from groundnuts and copra (TM 5)

    06 May 1992

    UNIDO pub-ILO pub-WEP pub. Technical memorandum on small scale industry agriproduct processing (vegetable oil extraction from groundnuts and copra) suitable for developing countries - includes economic implications and comparison of small and large scale units as regards employment creation, basic needs satisfaction, power consumption, transport cost, multiplier effect. Bibliography, diagrams, directory of equipment manufacturers, questionnaire and tables.

April 1992

  1. Publication

    International standards and guiding principles on labour law and labour relations, 1989 (LMR 74)

    15 April 1992

    Also includes the texts of the conclusions adopted by the International Labour Conference, the Regional Conferences and the Industrial Committees.

February 1992

  1. Publication

    Industrial districts and local economic regeneration

    28 February 1992

    This book considers two basic questions: How do the experiences of the Italian industrial districts compare with those of Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany and Spain? What are the policy interventions needed to sustain existing industrial districts and to guide other regions wishing to pursue a similar strategy in the interests of local economic regeneration? This title is available in electronic format only.