Time to Act for SDG 8 : Integrating Decent Work, Sustained Growth and Environmental Integrity [Summary]

This report presents progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 8, analyses interlinkages with other SDGs and provides policy recommendations.

The report seeks to improve understanding of SDG 8 at the empirical, conceptual and policy levels by: (a) charting empirical progress towards the 12 targets under SDG 8 and comparing performance across country income groups; (b) developing a conceptual mapping of dynamic interlinkages between SDG 8 targets and specific targets under other SDGs, and exploring on that basis major patterns of achievement in the various world regions; and (c) describing a positive spiral of policy interventions and institutional support that can enable countries to achieve SDG 8 by 2030. An urgent acceleration of efforts is required to bring about transformative change in support of SDG 8 in its three dimensions of sustained, inclusive, and sustainable growth.